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Good Morning Readers
I have been thinking about all the polish I have lately and how I have so many I never use. Lately I've been into the flashiest and most outrageous polishes lately and I had to ask myself why that is. Here is a little bit about my polishing history. When I was growing up my mother would really only let me wear what you might consider "girly" colors. Colors that are appropriate for little girls. This would be pink and purple, and nothing outrageous, nothing dark. So when I discovered this vast world of nail polish I was like "wow, there are so many different colors and finishes and the possibilities are endless." When I moved out I finally was brave enough to buy some dark purple, but still nothing colorful or outrageous. I wore it home once and I thought my parents would give me a speech, but they just said "wow, that's pretty dark" and they may have even said they liked it. So in the past few years obviously I have been buying more and more polish and everything I buy I want it to be a unique color. Something I can't get from a drugstore brand - and even they are coming out with different colors. I started wondering why blogs would show what I considered boring work appropriate and little girl appropriate colors. Also, some blogs would comment that a color was "nothing I haven't seen before and I have at least 5 in my collection" but probably never wore now did you? Lately I started to realize I only wear about half of my stash, so I gave myself the challenge of only wearing colors I either haven't worn or haven't worn in awhile, because they are "boring". I've really been liking the challenge.
Orly 'Pink Chocolate'
The name describes it perfectly. It's a medium creme pink that is sort of muted or has a bit of brown in it. Like it belongs in the OPI French collection, all those colors that had a grey or brown base. A dark salmon color.
Pink Chocolate is one of the founders of my current stash. I can't remember when I wore it last. My family was going to a wedding and my mom and I went cruising for a color to match a specific dress for pedicures. We ended up getting 3 that day, it must have been buy 2 get 1 free. This must have been the first time I really looked at all the colors that were out there. And this was years ago before all the colors out there now and I was only looking at Orly. We were in that store forever just picking out 3 plain pinks. I love wearing this color. It makes me feel chic and I think it also goes with anything (that's what's great about your "typical" pink polishes).

What do you think about the flashy vs. the safer colors? Can you recall your first real polish that may still be in your stash today?


  1. jaljen // July 17, 2010 at 12:49 PM  

    I've always liked this but the name exercises a certain charm.

  2. Freshie // July 17, 2010 at 12:56 PM  

    I really can go either way! It depends on my mood - but my personality and fashion preference tends to pull be towards holos, glitters etc. I think my first polish was the peel off kind =)! I love the name of this polish and it's a nice color.

  3. Jeannie // July 17, 2010 at 1:46 PM  

    wow, that's a really pretty color

  4. KarenD // July 17, 2010 at 4:41 PM  

    This is a really pretty shade and I can't imagine why I don't have it already. :)

    I think the oldest polish in my current stash is a sheer-ish peach L'Oreal shimmer. I remember getting red nail polish all over the inside of my suitcase on a family trip when I was around 11 or so.

  5. Danica // July 19, 2010 at 11:56 PM  

    Jaljen - I agree. I think it actually really makes sense for the color. It's not a bright or a light pink. It's exactly what pink chocolate would look like.

    Freshie - I agree, the flashier the better for me usually!

    Jeannie - Glad you like it.

    Karen - haha, I think it's part of their core collection, go check Sallys. That L'Oreal sounds like some of my early colors. Thanks for sharing that story, doesn't it seem like nail polish incidents stay with us?!

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